Let’s Get Personal

In the same way Annika has written hundreds of songs sharing her own personal stories, let her share YOURS. For your special event, your milestone, your loved ones, your… whatever. 

Your thoughts, feelings and sentiments get to be memorialized.  Your prose becomes poetry. You can share with others, and/or keep for yourself. As Elton John says, it’s YOUR song.

$500 - Keep it Simple

  • Intake form will be emailed to you with several questions as part of lyric gathering process. 

  • Annika will follow up with a phone call to gain further insight.

  • Annika will write your personalized, custom song.

  • A work-in-progress version will be sent to you to make sure she’s on the right track.

  • When your new song is completed, it will be recorded on iPhone.  Actual song file will be emailed to you, along with link to your finalized song, complete with chord chart and lyric sheet. 

$1000 - For the Record

  • Above-mentioned plus acoustic studio recording of song

$2000 - Do it Up

  • Above-mentioned plus full band studio recording of song, mixed, mastered and produced.

$TBD* - It’s For Real

  • Any of the above tiers, culminating in a live performance at your event. (Wedding, private party, corporate event, house concert)

*Rate determined by event details 

Let’s  get started.

Contact Annika and briefly share what you’re looking for here:

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Song: ‘Littlest Things’ (Wedding, 2015)

Annika Bennett has an unique talent for capturing the essence of relationships and displaying it through beautiful songs. We had the pleasure of having Annika compose and perform a song for us at our wedding. Her lyrics and melody warmed our hearts and gave our wedding guests a personal look at our love. It was such a special touch at our wedding and we are eternally grateful to Annika for writing our wedding song. We will forever cherish listening to Annika's masterpiece."

- Deirdre Brady

Song: ‘Already In Love With You’ (Wedding, 2017)

"Annika's songwriting uniquely captures the spirit of the story she wants to tell while also fully captivating her audience. She grasped subtle nuances of our relationship just through easy conversation and was able to work them into a piece of music that symbolized "us" both from a lyrical and melodic perspective. We couldn't love our song more."

- Dariel McDaniel